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Fiebing Blue Frost Whitening Shampoo
Fiebing Blue Frost Whitening Shampoo
Item codeLA0110
Whitening Shampoo! Fiebing’s Blue Frost is formulated to clean and condition white coats. Blue Frost contains special brightening agents which will whiten and brighten while removing tough urine and grass stains. Blue Frost cleanses the hair thoroughly yet gently leaving hair soft and manageable. Blue Frost delicately removes residual buildup of flysprays, detanglers, environmental pollutants and hard water minerals. Blue Frost also rids the coat of hair dulling impurities such as damaging free radicals deposited through everyday riding. Conditioning agents builds body and strengthens thinning, fragile hair. Blue Frost’s gentle, Aloe based formula conditions and protects skin and hair from damage caused by combing, drying and braiding.

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